DARLENE – Female, Bronze. 22% sugar. Best bronze varieties. Consistently large. 11/4’’ in diameter.  This quality is useful for fresh eating, jelly and juice. Row’s ID : 21,23

SCUPPERNONG - Female, Bronze. 17% sugar. Good flavor with average size clusters. Good for all uses (food, jelly, jam, juice, wine) Row’s ID : 1,2,6,7,8,9,10.

MAGNOLIA – Female, Bronze . 15% sugar. Medium size, good quality. Very productive. Excellent for white wine variety and jelly. Row’s ID : 20

CREEK – Red Self-fertile.  Higher in acid than most.  Ripens early to mid-season.  Used for jelly and wine, Row ID: 27, 28

noble 2.jpg

BLACK BEAUTY – Female, Black 23% sugar. Large fruit with edible skin. Good for all uses (food, jelly, jam, juice, wine) Row’s ID : 16,17,18,19.

SUPREME - Female, Black. 22% sugar. Best of the black varieties. The largest muscadine developed at this time. Great for fresh eating, jelly and juice.

 Row’s ID : 4,5,11,12,13.14

ISON – Black Self-fertile. 19% sugar. Excellent size, taste and quality. Makes  great  jelly, jam, juice and  wine. Row’s ID : 3,15,23.

NOBLE - Black Self-fertile. 16% sugar. Medium size, good quality with large clusters. The standard for making   jelly, juice and wine. Row’s ID : 24,25,26.